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Coconut sambol with pan roasted bala dry fish

The coconut sambol is an easy to make staple food of Sri Lankan cuisine. It is one of the most popular side dishes and yet at times it can be…

Mutton Fried Rice

Let’s face it. Many of us crave for a delicious mutton fried rice but are often daunted by the thought of making one. Well, worry no more. This simple and easy to make Indian style mutton fried rice…


Everybody loves a good macaroni dish. Here’s an easy to make, spicy macaroni recipe to keep your taste buds satisfied.

Chicken Liver Curry

Chicken liver is high in nutrients and an excellent source of essential mineral. As well as its role in preventing anemia, iron also keeps the immune system in top condition…

Iced Green Tea

Green tea for beauty and slim figure. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body…

Gram Papad

Papad is a favorite food among of children. So that if we can make it home itself, it is very efficient and will be more tasteful.

Ulundu Wadei

Ulundu Wadei is a popular food item in the south indian and sri lankan tamil cuisines. But it
is not limited….

Apple Snow

Apples are extremely rich in important antioxidants, flavanoids and dietary fiber. This is a tasteful apple dessert.

Mango Custard Pudding

This healthy dessert can be easily made. Learn how to do it step by step. Can you recollect the taste of a sliced mango or mango in a fruit salad? This Mango Custard Pudding is tastier by far and also very economical.

Popcorn Icecream

You are sure to have eaten popcorn but have you eaten popcorn ice cream? No need to wonder any longer- here is a popcorn recipe that is easy to make and tasty to eat. Learn how to do it step by step.